Seaan Brooks, birth to two African American parents from Tacoma Washington. Father a former artist of Tacoma’s criminal nation group & Mother a hard working queen. Was birthed into a lifestyle full of pressures and diversity that comes from growing up black in the United States not to mention being from an area (Hilltop Tacoma) most of the surrounding cities don’t have anything positive to say about. “Ghetto ,Crime filled, waste of land and space” through all of the negativity and darkness that comes Seaan finds light through music. Being around it his whole life made him respect it. Going through his own struggles in life and using it as a outlet made him love it. The demeanor, knowledge and swagger of a veteran it’s hard to believe he just started rapping in 2015. 

Continuing to develop his sound which if you don’t know bleeds Hunger, pain, arrogance, but also show can humility in his aggressively spoken lyrics & tone. No matter if it’s painted on a canvas of slow melodic or hard hitting in your face production. Seaan always gets his point across and ALWAYS lets you know how he feels and what he is going through.